We are Tengo, office design studio from Cyprus.
We are Tengo, office design studio from Cyprus.
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Within the last two years we've managed to create design for offices with the total area of 35 000 m².
Alright, we've embellished a little. To be more precise it is 34 702 m².
Our team includes multi-handed designers and architects. And this is our super power!
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Let's not waste time on reading these boring facts. You better see what we do straight away.
Playtika is an international company that specializes in popular mobile games development. We've made their office bright, extraordinary and exciting, just like the team itself.
11 000 sq m, 970 workstations
Wargaming is the developer of World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes games. We created their multi-storey office. It is a futuristic world with its own game rules.
5600 sq m, 515 workstations
Wargaming Team
Twist, twirl, look!
3. FLO
FLO is No.1 women's health mobile app. When creating the company's office design, we tried to reflect the main values of the FLO brand: health care, a unique community of like-minded people, and a high level of expertise.
1 700 sq m, 155 workstations
We've made design of the Campus co-working space comfortable for focused work and business meetings, as well as for creative meetings and effective networking.
2400 sq m, 250 workstations
5. LG
The office of LG company - the manufacturer of house appliances and electronics, is a nice space for a team of 20 people with spacious meeting rooms, demonstration areas, a cozy kitchen and comfortable office-rooms with an inspiring view from the windows.
400 sq m
20 workstations
The office of casual games developer Awem. A relaxed space with individual and team workstations, lounges and beautiful Mediterranean sea view.
700 sq m
35 workstations
We also do projects remotely, because we have telekinetic abilities.
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That's how we see our cooperation
That's how we see our cooperation
Hi there. Congrats, you've scrolled to the end! My name is Ruslan Shaidulin and I am the Founder of Tengo Company.

At the moment we are willing to take a challenge and explore new markets. We are open to discuss any forms and conditions of cooperation. We approach each project with great responsibility and love.

Please, feel free to contact me back any time and I will gladly answer all your questions.
We are convinced that 90% success of any presentation belongs to a picture of a cute cat.
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